PRI 2017: FAST Debuts LSXR Tunnel Ram Intake

When it comes to intake manifolds for your LS, there is no shortage of capable pieces out there right now. No one knows this better than FAST, since they produced one of the first aftermarket composite intakes to ever hit the market. And while there are plenty of manifolds out there right now, FAST saw an opportunity when they realized that no one was producing a high-profile composite manifold—that was, until now.

FAST has seized that opportunity and given us a first look at its new LSXR Tunnel Ram intake manifold. While the manifold offers the large plenum and runners that many are seeking, especially in boosted applications, what it doesn’t offer is the additional weight or heat retention. The manifold uses composite materials throughout meaning it’s very lightweight compared to a similar aluminum piece.

But just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it isn’t strong enough to handle just about any amount of boost or abuse you could possibly throw at it. Mark Campbell of FAST tells us that the new manifold is boost rated to a whopping 45 psi—ensuring the manifold is plenty strong, even for the most serious of builders.

And though that feature set alone would have been plenty for us, FAST has taken it one step further by endowing the manifold with adjustable-length runner. “The beauty is the top is removable and can mount either direction—front mount or toward the firewall, either way,” Campbell explained. “But the big thing here is the adjustable runner lengths, especially for naturally-aspirated applications. The short runner is around 6 inches, then an 8, and finally 9 1/4—essentially the intake is three or more intakes in one.”

Campbell tells us that the manifold will most likely be available for order equipped with the runners of your choosing and the other sets will be available for purchase separately, though keep in mind this manifold is still in development so that could change. The manifold also hides most of its vacuum ports and other features under the intake making for a clean installation. It also comes with drillable blanks, on both the exterior and valley side of the runner, for direct-port injection—whether that’s nitrous, methanol or something else is up to you.

The throttle body opening measures in at 105mm allowing it to take just about any throttle body out there. Unfortunately for cathedral port fans, however, the manifold will initially be offered for square port LS heads, though Campbell tells us that cathedral port and Gen V LT offerings may be produced down the road—but for now, rectangle ports are the lucky sole recipient.

Campbell tells us that the manifold is set to be offered for right around $999, not bad when you consider the manifold’s substantial capabilities. We can’t wait to get our hands on one for testing and we’re sure a lot of you feel the same way. FAST hopes to have the intake on the market around Spring 2018. Start saving.

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