When production glass just won’t cut it anymore — whether it’s a matter of weight, safety, clarity, or some combination of the three — there’s Optic Armor Performance Windows. The benefits of Optic Armor’s unique, proprietary windows are well documented, and it all comes down to both their use of polycarbonate and the secret sauce of coatings that, if they told us about, would then have to kill us.

Optic Armor’s windows are lightweight — we found them to be 25 to more than 50 percent lighter than factory glass, albeit highly dependent on the window and vehicle make/model — and are also scratch resistant and virtually shatterproof. With a proven formula in hand, Optic Armor’s mission in their automotive division has been to broaden the scope of their offerings, particularly in regards to their drop-in, black-out windows, which are direct replacements for OEM windows, featuring a black-out to cover unwanted hardware and fabrication work common on the body lip of racing machinery.

This year, they’ve added C7 Corvette front and rear DiBo’s, as they call their drop-in, black-out’s, along with second-generation F-body (1970-81 Camaro and Firebird).

“These have been the big releases this year because we’ve had people constantly asking for them,” commented Optic Armor’s Jim Dunham.

The company also offers oversized windows to fit the C7 Corvette, which are left with extra material to allow one to trim them down to fit unconventional or modified vehicles. That’s exact such windows are what we’ve utilized on our Project BlownZ06 radial tire Corvette, which we’ll hit on more in the coming weeks.