SEMA 2012: Chassisworks Explodes With Ultimate ’67-69 Camaro System

Just when you thought the first-gen camaro platform had plateaued; allowing no more room for additional improvement, Chassisworks bangs out a ’67-69 Camaro frame system. Yeah, just when you thought the Camaro had reached its limit for bolt-on accessories, parts and components, Chassisworks ups their game.

Chassisworks blasted right through that idea; designing and packaging a complete frame, billet-aluminum side motor mounts, replacement double-wall rockers, exact-fit Camaro roll bar and factory-welded seat mount assembly with prefabricated floor and wheel tubkits.

The Chassisworks ’67-69 Camaro frame system is the ultimate bumper to bumper chassis solution for high-horsepower, big-tire, pro-touring Camaro projects.

The complete system consists of a Chassisworks fabricated front subframe with modified engine position ans drivetrain angle; replacement double-walled rockers; 3×2-inch connectors; choice of 4×2-inch canted-4-link or torque arm with watts link rear frame.

Options also include fabricated transmission -tunnel and lowered seat-mount assembly, complete interior tin kit, including front and rear floor, wheels tubs, trunk floor, and rear firewall.

For the roll bar, it’s an exact fit cage with forward support struts that can be added to create an extremely rigid performance platform suitable for 1,000 horsepower engine combinations, with room for large enough tires. Front subframes benefit with tire accommodations up to a 12.25-inch section-width with 26.3-inch overall height (P305/30/R19) with a full 30-degree turning angle. The rear has ample room for 14.25-inch section-width tires with a 28.2-inch overall height.


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