SEMA 2012: Turbonetics and Tim “Skyscrape” Katz Team Up on Longroof

It’s an age-old problem; how do you inflict pants-ruining terror on as many passengers as possible in your car? And possibly a couple of large dogs too, all at the same time? Sure, you could go with a Camaro or Corvette, but at best you’re only going to be able to scare one adult and two kids. You could also go the Cadillac CTS-V station wagon route, but those are too nice to fill with the screams of your unsuspecting passengers (and dog barf is not too good for leather upholstery, either).

The obvious solution is right here: Tapout co-founder Tim “Skyscrape” Katz’ 1966 Chevy Nova station wagon. We got to see this work in progress at the 2012 SEMA show, courtesy of Turbonetics, who are helping turn the stock LS3 between the fenders into an 850 horsepower fear generator.  A “mid frame” 76mm GT-K turbo with a 75mm turbine wheel will be pushing boost, controlled by a 50mm Newgen wastegate and a 50mm Godzilla blowoff valve, and cooled by a custom Spearco air-to-air intercooler.

The interior of the longroof Nova is currently somewhat Spartan, but the roll cage and four (yes, four) racing seats pretty clearly show what direction this build is going. This olive drab brick is conceived in the “pro touring” genre, so wide, low profile Toyo rubber wraps big Boze three-piece wheels gripped by Wilwood brakes, and instead of an automatic transmission, there’s a Tremec 6 speed and ACT clutch backing up the LS3. The suspension is sourced from Total Cost Involved, with their Pro Touring front end and Torque Arm rear, swinging a Currie fabricated 9-inch Ford housing with 35 spline axles and “The GMR” full floater hubs.

There’s still a way to go before this car is ready to scare the three people and/or two St. Bernards of Katz’ choice while out getting groceries or cutting laps on the road course, but we’ll be keeping an eye out to see if maybe we can be one of the select few who get to experience this wagon once it’s done.

Boze wheels, Toyo tires, and Wilwood brakes fill the fenderwells, with a custom Magnaflow system handling the post-turbo exhaust duties. Speaking of custom, take a close look at those bumper bolts - they're actually 12 gauge shotgun shells...

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