Whatcha lookin’ at, kid?

Shifters, shift knobs, suspension components and emergency brakes – these are just a handful of the components that American Shifter Company offers enthusiasts from all walks of The Big Three. Based in Portland, Oregon, ompany might have had some kooky, novelty style shift knobs on display for street rods and rat rods alike, but the company hasn’t rested on just supplying that.

“We’ve got about 100,000 items stocked online,” said John Corral of American Shifter Company. “We have a bunch of premium shift knobs – everything from baseballs to shrunken heads, and everything in between. We also have shift knob adapter kits which allow enthusiasts to to install them on any vehicle. We even have shift knobs for the guys still running a three-on-the-tree.”

If you're a fan of kook, crazy novelty-style shift knobs, then American Shifter Company is the place to be. This Oregon based company is as weird as as Portland gets, and we dig it.

John told us that the shifter kits are extremely popular too. Many of the kits are bolt-on and transmission specific, and it even includes automatic transmissions.

“Every transmission you can think of, you can use these kits. They allow you to shift the transmission in your vehicle whether it’s an OEM application, or a completely custom deal,” John concluded.

Interested in learning more about what American Shifter Company has to offer? Check out its website here.

From cool accessories to heavy artillery, American Shifter is a gearhead's delight