24 Cylinders, 8 Blowers and 3400 Horsepower

Big Mike Harrah appears as a larger member of ZZ Top. Photo: TheSmokingTire.com

We here at powerTV can appreciate just about anything with massive amounts of horsepower. From insane imports to crazy diesels, we love to see it all and that is what we found in this latest creation. Now you may think a modern day diesel truck with a turbocharger or two is capable of pumping out impressive numbers, and with the addition of some propane it is a whole new ball game. But what happens when you come across a massive Detroit Diesel that has 24 cylinders and 8 blowers? It means you have met Big Mike Harrah and one his his wild creations.

Check out YouTube for more of Mike’s wild creations with the V24 platform.

Mike Harrah, or Big Mike Harrah as he is referred to in the internet world, is not your typical gear head as he is also a real estate mogul from California. Now Mike has a love for large things from diesel engines to 36 story condominiums in Hawaii. He is definitely a thrill seeker as he also has served as stunt pilot in such movies as Con-Air. But why does a 6’6″ real estate mogul have such passion for horsepower and thrill seeking? Our guess would be that it just fits his moniker as being flamboyant and in charge.

The latest creation is a Detroit Diesel engine that packs a total of 24 cylinders and a total of eight 8-71 blowers on top. No matter how you look a it that is absolutely impressive. One blower per every three cylinders seems odd but the numbers that this monster produce speak for themselves. It is also said that this engine will be going in a 359 Peterbuilt to see just how much destruction can be done. Just imagine cruising Woodward and hearing the roar of 3400 plus horsepower (and god knows how much torque) coming from a diesel behind you at the stop light. The twenty four zoomie headers may be a bit much for the street though.

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