High-performance cars run on two things; cash and high-octane fuel … so if you aren’t pumping enough of either into it, chances are it won’t run how you like. It’s easy to address the fueling needs of the car by using a pump and regulator that is up to the task, like the Weldon 2345-A pump and 2040 series regulator. These fuel system beasts are able to handle anything from a built street car, all the way to the fuel needs of an NHRA Pro Stocker.

Not getting the correct size fuel pump for your application that isn’t moving enough fuel can lead to wear issues with your engine, or even parts damage. The 2345-A pump has the ability to flow 200 gph of fuel at 80 psi at 14 volts and a scant 20 amps. This level of flow makes the pump a great fit for both EFI and carbureted applications. The A2040 regulator is a great match to the 2345-A pump since it can handle up to 6 gpm of fuel flow, is boost referenced, and has a fuel pressure port. It also can work with most carbureted or fuel injection applications.

The true test of any part on a car is when you throw some extreme conditions at it, and it’s hard to get more extreme than NHRA Pro Stock racing when it comes to fueling requirements. John Gaydosh uses both the 2345-A and A2040 on his Pro Stock Camaro with great results. “The 2345-A allows me to command the level of fuel pressure I need accurately and that’s important in any application. The A2040 gives me a great range of adjustability and holds the fuel pressure to the exact level.”

If you’re in need of boosting the fueling capacity of your car check out Weldon’s website to learn more about the 2345-A pump, 2040 series regulator, and their other products.