Air Time: Holley’s Brawler Carburetors Make Big Power Easy

Not everybody needs or can afford a pair of split Dominator carburetors for their car to make big power. Holley understands this and has created the Brawler line of carburetors for those who are looking for a unit that can make big power, without taking a huge bite out of their bank account.

The Brawler line of carburetors are available in a die-cast, street, and race trim levels to match whatever application they need to be used on. Each carburetor is made of lightweight aluminum and come in sizes from 650 to 950 CFM. The Brawler carburetors also have four-corner idle adjustment, change idle and high-speed air bleeds for accurate tuning, and many other options.

According to Jeff Teel from Holley, the Brawler carburetors are geared towards anybody looking for a high-caliber carburetor for their induction needs.

“Holley makes Brawler carburetors in street and race versions. However, the key focus isn’t necessarily for the avid driver or race enthusiast. The real beneficiary is the budget-minded individual looking for a quality carburetor to fit their application. These carbs are manufactured the same way and at the same location as they have been. They are flowed, calibrated, and set up to ready to go.”

For racers, the Brawler carburetor is an off-the-shelf solution that will help your racing program the second you bolt it to an intake.

“The Brawler carburetors give you the benefits of running a dedicated race carb at an affordable price. All the Race series carbs have a full annular opening. So you get the benefits you would from, say an XP carb, with a lightweight construction, good metering, at a fraction of the cost. Another advantage is all the Brawler carburetors are calibrated with base tunes from years of racing experience at Holley. They have the ability to get a mechanical or vacuum secondary to dial in for the top of the track that can be tuned easily,” Teel says.

Check out the Holley website right here to see all the details about the battle-ready Brawler line of carburetors.

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