Andy Frost Is Headed To Bahrain To Chase Street Car World Record!

Photo cortesy Ivan and Rose Hughes

Photo cortesy Ivan and Rose Hughes

After months of planning and fundraising — largely in secrecy — behind the scenes, Englishman Andy Frost has finally revealed his plans for chasing down and ultimately (he hopes) of toppling the street car world record this winter.

Frost, a former world record holder who has been locked in a seesaw battle with Americans Larry Larson and Tom Bailey over the last handful of years, has raised enough financial support to make his vision a reality, and this fall, his now-famous Red Victor 3 Vauxhall and a pile of tools and spare parts will be loaded up and shipped to the country of Bahrain, where Andy will be chasing the five-second zone.

Frost and his team first set their plan in motion last year while the drivetrain in RV3 was being overhauled for its mission of running the fives, and through various fundraising efforts, have been able to accumulate £27,000 (or about $35,000 in U.S. Dollars) to cover the initial travel expenses. Andy has budgeted an estimated £64,000 ($83,000) for the complete winter-long trip, and will continue fundraising efforts throughout the rest of the year. For Frost, his native land has made for a challenging scenario in resetting the world record, as track and weather conditions aren’t conducive to producing big numbers. Adding to that, there’s considerable expense in bringing in his primary tuner, Shane Tecklenburg, from overseas.

By traveling to Bahrain, Andy will not only have access to a world-class racing surface and excellent air, but considerable support from Tecklenburg, who spends much of the winter in the country tuning for the EKanoo team’s stable of race cars.

Andy has already been given approval to compete in the Bahrain Drag Racing Club’s five-race championship series at the Bahrain International Circuit. However, he won’t be chasing race victories or points — his only goal is the street car world record, and once he achieves it and puts some distance between himself and the current 5.88-second record by Larson, he’ll be packing up to head back home to England.

“I’ll be flying in on Saturday to race, and fly back the next Saturday five more times if I have to, but I’m hoping it doesn’t take five times [to break the record],” Andy says. “But we have to make sure I have enough shots at it, because it isn’t easy, or everyone would be at it.

Members and supporters of the Red Victor 5-Second Club, commemorated on the wing of the Red Victor 3 Vauxhall. Photo by Lewis Ffitch

Members and supporters of the Red Victor 5-Second Club, commemorated on the wing of the Red Victor 3 Vauxhall. Photo by Lewis Ffitch

“The plan is that if we do it on the first trip, we can go back on the last two to try and lower it. But, if we don’t, then we have four more tries,” Andy continues.

Andy shared that he’d be “satisfied” with a 5.82, although he, his team, and Tecklenburg all hope to well surpass that and make the record a little tougher for his challengers to reclaim.

If he can gain further approval, this from the Chief of Police or from the King himself, Andy plans to do some road driving with his prized Vauxhall, in order to prove its road-worthiness as he aims for the street legal record books.

RV3 will be loaded up in October and transported the more than 4,000 miles across Europe and into the Middle East by way of boat, necessary in order to circumvent some not-so-secure countries like Syria and Iran, despite the entire route being navigable by vehicle. The BDRC series will then kick off in November and runs through March. As part of the plans, the entire trip and project will be filmed for a potential documentary and, of course, we’ll have plenty of coverage of Andy’s excellent adventure right here on Dragzine.

Photo by Lewis Ffitch

Photo by Lewis Ffitch

Andy is quick to thank all of those from around the world who have made his vision possible, including Precision Turbo & Engine, Lamude Racing Engines, Steve Morris Engines, Race Flow Development, Turbosmart, Total Seal Piston Rings, Neal Chance, Red Line Oil, VP Racing Fuels, Wilson Manifolds, Diamond Pistons, Pro Torque, Manton Pushrods, Goodridge and a whole laundry list of others. As well, the many members of the Red Victor 5-second Club have also played an integral role in raising the capital to make the trip — one he insists that, due to the personal financial strains of trekking overseas — will be his last.

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