Beefcake Ups the Ante for 2013 Season with Nearly 1100 rwhp

With the NMRA racing season kicking off in just a few more days, everyone is scrambling to get their rides ready with last minute changes for the 2013 season. Terry Reeves, better known as “Beefcake” has been doing just that, as his Team Beefcake Racing Coyote powered Mustang GT has been under the knife during the off season getting a few upgrades.

Those upgrades include a completely new engine for the 2013 season. Reeves enlisted the help of BES racing engines to build one of the first Ford Racing Performance Parts based Coyote Sportsman block engines. This beast contains custom Ross pistons good for 10:1 compression ratio, as well as Manley billet I-beam rods, all swinging on the stock forged crank.

Based on the new FRPP Sportsman Coyote block Beefcake's new combination should prove nearly indestructible.

Opening up the upper half of the engine is a set of MMR stage three heads and cams, as well as an MMR sheet metal intake. Reeves will once again be running a Vortech YSI supercharger, pulley’d for around 27 psi of centrifugal boost. It’s still all fed on pump gas, E85 from the local gas pumps is all that ever goes in the tank. The entire combination is still all backed by a Ford six speed automatic with only a converter and mild upgrades.

The tune was done via remote by Lund Racing, a service Reeves offers through his Team Beefcake Racing web site. “It was pretty cool that it only took two dyno pulls for them to get the car dialed in via remote,” says Reeves.

Last season Reeves was a force to be reckoned with in the NMRA’s Super Stang class, and he looks to remain that way again this year. In post season testing, before the new engine was installed the car ran an impressive 9.03 at 154.55, that was after Reeves had driven the car over an hour to get to the track. When the night was over he again hopped back in the driver’s seat and drove an hour back to his house. This season Reeves is looking to go faster with in search of eight second time slips.

That search should go well given the  1079 hp to the rear tires at 7300 rpm. According to Reeves the new combination picked up significantly throughout the power band, and he tells us the car probably would have made more power to the tires had it not been dyno’d on drag radials. “We wanted it exactly as it will be on race day though, so I’m pretty happy with it,” he said.

We’ll be watching Beefcake as he makes the rounds at the season opener. There is no doubt he’s ready once again to compete head to head with his fellow Super Stang racers. We’ll keep you posted on the results. In the mean time we’ve posted a video Beefcake sent us of the car firing up for the first time with the new engine combination so you can hear those wild ponies come to life.  We’re ready for race season to start, how about you.

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