Big Boost: Street Outlaws Star Monza Makes Switch To Twin Turbos!

Street Outlaws star Jerry “Monza” Johnston is one of the original members of the hit Discovery Channel TV show and has always been a contender for the top spot on “The List”. Johnston’s 1972 Camaro, known as “Sinister Split Bumper,” has been one of the top nitrous cars in OKC, but that is about to change – big time. Now, the Camaro is packing some twin-turbo Pro Line Racing power under the hood and is ready to storm up to the top of The List.

Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen 405 racers like Dominator, Reaper, and Kamikaze all make the change from nitrous to forced induction of some form to step up their program. Now, Johnston is joining their ranks with the twin turbo conversion to his Camaro. HPP Racing produced a turbo kit that’s more like a work of art rather than an induction system, and they did it all in an astounding 28 days after the Camaro was in their possession.

Photo Credit: NXGonzoVideo

Besides getting a new turbo setup, the Sinister Split Bumper also got a new look in the paint department. Indepth Customs did some stunning paintwork on the car, made adjustments to the body panels for better alignment, and added custom funnels to the hood so the new turbos can breathe. The Camaro still remains a real steel roof and quarter panel car with the original A-pillars, rockers, and dash that came with it when it rolled off the GM assembly line.

Photo Credit: NXGonzoVideo

For power, the Sinister Spit Bumper now has a Stage Two 481x from Pro Line Racing between the front fenders. Feeding boost to the engine through the HPP Racing turbo kit is a pair of giant 98mm Pro Mod turbos from Precision Turbo. Controlling everything is a new FuelTech 600 ECU. A three-speed TH400 from Mr. Wendell’s Motorsports works with a Protorque converter to apply power to the new Mark Williams Enterprises full floater rearend.

Making the switch for Johnston was a process that began when he saw the writing on the wall with how the rest of the cars in the 405 and No Prep world were evolving. Adding boost was the only way to keep up, plus the cost of nitrous and the passing of his nitrous mentor Monte Smith played a role in the choice. The biggest factor might have been the encouragement from Johnston’s own father to make another big run to the top of The List.

Photo Credit: NXGonzoVideo

Johnston’s goals go beyond just dominating in OKC and crushing people in the No Prep world, he wants to take on the best in drag racing everywhere. If testing goes well, Johnston plans on slapping some 315 sized Mickey Thompson drag radials on the Sinister Split Bumper and taking on the Radial vs The World class at the two Duck X Promotion in the future.

Make sure you check out the entire video from NXGonzo Video to see the Camaro on the dyno, hear from Johnston about his future plans, and the HPP Racing team about the build!

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