Daily-Driven, Lexus-Powered ’70 Ford Capri Reels Off The 8’s

No doubt that a European-built Ford Capri coupe that’s driven on the street and capable of ripping off consistent low eight-second passes at will is pretty intriguing in and of itself, but even more eyebrow-raising is what’s actually powering this little beast.

Campaigned down under in Australia, this 1970 Ford Capri is motivated, of all things, with a 4.0-liter Lexus 1UZ V-8 engine. It’s sporting mildly ported factory cylinder heads, upgraded valve springs, Argo rods, Ross 8.5:1 pistons, a custom plenum mated to the factory intake, and a custom Tighe camshaft, while everything else remains pretty well stock. This includes the block and the crank.

Where all of the power is really made from this unique combination is the twin 62mm GT35R turbochargers, which on E85 race fuel, pumps out a staggering 1,150 horsepower – enough to propel this short wheelbased ride to a quarter mile best of 8.20 at 166 miles per hour.

In addition to the modifications already mentioned, the Capri also features an 8-inch, 7,000 RPM stall Neal Chance Racing Converter mated to a two-speed Powerglide, Moser 9-inch 35-spline center section, an eBoost2 boost controller, Turbonetics 38mm wastegates, and an EMS 8860 ECU and EMS.

Best of all, this is no ordinary trailer queen. It’s licensed and registered, driven 100-125 miles a week. After its daily driver and cruiser duty, it’s driven to the track, the slicks are put on the car, the dual exhaust dropped, parachute installed, and runs in the eights like no one’s business.

The only maintenance involved is filling the fuel tank, checking the data logger, and re-packing the parachute. Every 20-30 minutes, it’s ready to roll for another pass. In the video at top, you’re actually seeing eight back-to-back eight-second passes on the same day. Count ’em…eight! This, ladies and gentleman, is how a race car should be done.

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