Vandals Prep A No-Prep Track Overnight In Never-Seen-Before Story

Generally, you will find nothing but great people at the dragstrip that enjoy racing and who would give the shirt off their back to help a fellow racer. Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples that will ruin a good time for everyone and that group showed up at Hub City Dragway during this weekend’s Dirty South No Prep Series finals. In what can only be described as a malicious act, vandals sprayed the No Prep surface with traction compound in the overnight hours and delayed the following day’s racing activities.

The entire purpose of No Prep racing is to make the track the great equalizer so it becomes more of a driver and tuner’s game. At these events promoters and tracks will go to great lengths to remove as much of the existing prep as possible to make it more like a true street race. In some cases, they will scrape the entire surface down to the concrete and/or asphalt.

A series of serious oil-downs followed by heavy fog forced the Dirty South No Prep officials to delay racing until Sunday when it would be safe again. When the Hub City track crew arrived early on Sunday morning, they discovered someone or a group of people had actually sprayed the track heavily with traction compound in both lanes, thus defeating the purpose of no prep racing. A stolen drum of traction compound was later discovered in the staging lanes.

This act of vandalism didn’t stop the dedicated Dirty South team as they covered the track with oil dry and drug it to remove as much of the unwanted compound as possible. If you have any information on this please act, contact Hub City Dragway or the Dirty South No Prep Series on Facebook.

Photos from National No Prep Association 

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