Dyno Video: PAR’s Not-So-Small 522-Inch, 1,100 HP Small Block

Performance  Automotive Racing (PAR) in Spartanburg, South Carolina hasn’t reinvented the wheel with their new small block monster, they just simply made it bigger and better. Scott Duggins, owner and operator of PAR Race Engines, started his career rebuilding engines for bracket racers out of his father’s machine shop in the early 90’s.

Things have certainly changed. Duggins created the first 12-degree symmetrical port cylinder head for standard 4.84 bore center blocks that utilize a stock lifter location. He’s built engines for World Champion racers such as Steve Furr and Peter Biondo and consistent bracket racing winners. This company can make your small block or big block dreams come true.

PAR's dyno chart for this 522-inch small block bullet.

This 522 cubic inch small block monster started life as a Brodix 4.5″ bore space block. It was then filled with a Bryant crank, Oliver Rods, and Diamond pistons. Brodix cylinder heads prepared by Clements Racing.

T & D rockers take their orders from a custom LSM camshaft. The long block is topped off by Hogan intake manifold and a pair of APD Carbs feeding a massive amount of fuel into this bullet. The engine was run on a Super flow engine dyno, using  a Depac software program for accuracy – the same program used by Pro Stock teams and said to produce the most precise results available. It peaked at 7,700 RPM’s with an astounding 1,112 horsepower.

The most interesting thing about this engine is how conservative it was run. It was shut down at just a touch over 8,000 RPM’s and the air/fuel ratio never saw anything above 10.16. You can say there’s plenty of power left in this monster of a small block.

This engine has already been spoken for. The good news is Duggins can build you one just like it, with more power, with a power adder, or anyway you would like. The biggest surprise was to hear that this engine will actually be going into a mud bogging truck. Check out the video and you can hear what 1,100 plus horsepower coming from a small block sounds like. Duggins hopes to send one down the drag strip soon.

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