Within the long and proud history of Ford Racing, there lies one engine for which there is no equal. It is truly a legend,  achieving almost mythical status due to both its rarity, and its power. We speak of course of the SOHC 427 Cammer engine that roared to dominance during the 1960’s. The Cammer was Ford’s answer to Chrysler and GM, and it was fierce, legendary…and all but forgotten for many years. But the last few decades have seen a resurgence of interest in old Cammer motors, and now nary a day goes by where one does not surface.

So it hardly surprised us to stumble across this completely rebuilt 427 SOHC Cammer motor for sale on eBay. What did surprise us was the price of $68,000. That is more than most Mustangs!

Of course there is good reason for the price, for this is not just any 427 SOHC motor; it has been completely rebuilt, top to bottom, and fitted with a supercharger as well. It the legends are true, the original 427 Cammer made well over 600 horsepower. With a blower strapped on, we imagine those numbers most be well into the 800 or 900 horsepower range.

And this is essentially a brand new motor, albeit not exactly faithful to the original (electric water pump? 750 Demon carburetor?) The seller claims to have sunk over $80,000 into this motor, which has never even been fired, and he is asking only $68,000 for it. That’s a lot of money to blow on an engine. If you had the cash, would you buy this motor…and if so, what would you put it in?