Ebay Find: The World’s Most Dangerous Motorcycle

We found this wild chopper while looking through eBay. You may have seen some V8 motorcycles before but this is way over the top. The engine is a 1971 Can-Am ZL-1 427-inch aluminum block big block Chevy with a 10-71 blower that force feeds this beast. It features a mechanical fuel injection system with a bird catcher and runs on gasoline. Although, you need to prime the injectors with a primer bottle and it has a magneto for high voltage spark.

Check out there website for more wild machines and frame kits – www.v-8motorcycle.com

All this power is put down to the pavement on a 16.5×32 drag slick. This chopper uses an old Harley springer front end and dual disc brakes. This bike was made by Sidewinders “Home of the World’s Most Dangerous Motorcycles.” They also make V8 street choppers with a big 360 rear tire.

For $75,000 you can own the world’s most dangerous motorcycle

Here’s a short video of one of these monsters idling around town

Here is a walk-a-round of this insane chopper

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