Get Your Perfect Ford DUI Distributor From Performance Distributors

Getting the ultimate firing power for your Ford is important, no matter if you just drive on the street or race at the strip. Performance Distributors knows this and offers a Davis Unified Ignition (DUI) Distributor perfect for any Ford application. With a great one-piece ignition system, you’ll be getting the most firing power possible, giving you more horsepower and better fuel economy no matter how you drive.

The Ford Street/Strip DUI Distributors from Performance Distributors make getting optimal spark power a breeze. With a high-performance Dyna-Module, high-voltage coil, and performance-tuned advanced weights and springs all in one unit, you’re engine gets 50,000 volts shot right to your sparkplugs with just one 12-volt hot wire.

The high-performance coil lets you gap your spark plugs to an amazing .055 inches while the module allows that coil to give you a longer spark duration. This means near complete combustion of your fuel mixture and a better performing engine.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the weight and spring assembly in the Street/Strip DUI is dialed in with your vehicle and engine in mind, giving you a precise timing curve customized for your setup.

Add that to the vacuum advance that will keep your plugs cleaner longer and give you improved gas mileage, and you’ve got the optimal fool-proof ignition system for six-cylinder, small-block or big-block Ford. Rated for 7,000rpms, its ideal for your daily driver, off-road vehicle or street rod build.

The Ford Racing DUI Distributors from Performance Distributors take the technology and performance of the Street/Strip DUI and ups it to the next level. Rated for 9,000rpms, this one-piece ignition unit features the Racing DUI Coil, which gives you a longer spark duration and allows spark plug gaps to be set between .050 and .055 inches.

With the Ford Racing DUI, you’ll never have to waste time or money changing points out after every race like with point-system distributors, nor will you have to worry about cross fire thanks to the DUI’s wide in-cap terminal spacing.

Perfect for drag racers or circle track competitors, the Ford Racing DUIs from Performance Distributors are available with or without vacuum advance and for many popular Ford powerhouse engines.

Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of your daily driver or take your Ford-powered race car to the next level, Performance Distributors has a DUI Distributor for you. For a complete list of Ford Street/Strip and Racing DUI applications, visit

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