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Steve Jackson reset his own Radial vs The World elapsed time record on Saturday night in spectacular fashion in what was the quickest side-by-side radial tire race in history to capture the crown at the inaugural Wooostock at the Darlington Dragway in South Carolina.

17973601_1262941737158457_755900030557783645_oJackson, who had blasted to the previous 3.73-second standard at Lights Out 8 back in February in the debut race for Phil Shuler’s brand new Rick Jones Race Cars-built Shadow 2.0 Camaro, met fellow radial tire frontrunner Barry Mitchell in an all-supercharger finale, with all the makings of a historic affair given the conditions and their status as the two quickest drivers in the radial game. Earlier in the weekend, the pair had squared off in a friendly grudge race, which Mitchell claimed by a 3.75 to 3.88 count, proving the legendary Darlington strip had what was necessary for record-setting numbers.

In Saturday evening’s barn-burning final round, Jackson strapped a .013 light on Mitchell and never looked back, clocking a stunning 3.717-second, 198.76 mph blast to down Mitchell who, despite a staggering 3.745-second, 198.33 mph pass of his own, was out of the race from the drop of the tree. On the record-breaking run, Jackson was .953 to sixty-feet and 2.479 to half track.

We faced some adversity this weekend, and stuck together and found out what we’re made of,” Jackson said. “I have a world class group of guys and companies behind me. We are going to hurt some feelings.”