Homebuilt Hero: Greg Lasiter’s 1969 Z28

TRP 2015-03-21

We here at Chevy Hardcore have never been accused of being biased towards either a race car, show car, or even a daily driver — as long as it’s a Chevrolet, we’re going to like it. So, this week’s Homebuilt Hero is a Z28 drag car that comes to us from our friend Greg Lasiter.

434 01

Greg tells us, “The 434 cubic-inch small-block made 803 horsepower on the engine dyno.” While that is serious power, you also need to take into account that the small-block is naturally aspirated. Greg doesn’t use nitrous oxide, or any other power adders. He does however use good parts, like a Dart Little M engine block with four-bolt splayed main caps, a Callies Dragonslayer crankshaft with 4 inches of stroke, Manley 6-inch H-beam connecting rods, and Wiseco domed pistons with a 4.155-inch diameter. Altogether, the compression ratio tops out at 14.1:1

Topping the Dart block is a pair of 23-degree Airflow Research 70cc cylinder heads with valves that measure 2.125 and 1.60 inches respectively. A set of Jesel shaft-mounted rocker arms with a 1.7 ratio on the intake, and a 1.6 ratio on the exhaust are actuated by a Crower mechanical-roller camshaft. The semi-big stick uses .455-inch lift on both the intake and exhaust side, and duration at .050-inch comes in at 278/288 degrees.

INT 001

Finally, a ported Edelbrock Super Victor intake supports a BRE-prepped 1150 Dominator carburetor that is fed by an Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump and a return-style regulator. Ignition fire is supplied by an MSD crank trigger distributor.

Greg tells us, “The car weighs 3,000 pounds with me in it, and has run a best of 9.177 seconds at 145.28 mph in the ¼-mile.” Behind the small-block is a Powerglide with 1.80 ratio straight-cut first gear, a transbrake, and a Coan 6,200 rpm stall converter to help the car launch with a 1.31-second 60-foot time.

Mounted under the back of the car is a 9-inch rearend with 4.29 gears, supported by A.R.T. ladder bars and Viking double-adjustable shocks. Greg is justifiably proud of his all steel ride (with the exception of a fiberglass hood), and the fact that all work was done in his and his friend’s garage. By the way, Greg is quick to give a shout out to his friend for all of the help.

TRP 2015-11-13

Wheels are Weld racing AlumaStar 2.0s, measuring 15×3 on the front, and 15×12 on the rear of the car. The tires are from Mickey Thompson, and the rears are 28×10.5/15.

Since we’ve started the Homebuilt Heros segment, we have received a few candidates, but we need more. Send us a few pictures of your car with all of the pertinent information, and we’ll make you Internet famous. You can send your submissions to chevyhardcore@powerautomedia.com.

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