Hows This For Unique? New Cadillac CTS-V Pro Mod Bodies

ctsv1Have you ever wanted to go Pro Mod racing, but wanted a “different” look than the standard ’68 Camaro or (enter a year) Corvette body for your machine? Well, it looks like you’re in luck, as Matheis Race Cars has unveiled their unique and swoopy new Cadillac CTS-V body. Matheis has a couple of these Pro Mod bodies (one fiberglass and one carbon-fiber) in stock for immediate delivery. In fact, they’ve got one on the table right now, in the process of building it into a Pro Mod to sell turnkey for $79,000. The bodies were built by Bob and Rich Mathews, and hold up to a 114-inch wheelbase, which is great for stability on the top end. In addition, it takes up to a 35.4-inch tire and has a 45-inch front overhang, which is legal to the letter in Pro Mod. The glass body weighs 110 pounds, while the carbon piece is a scant 68 pounds of flyweight goodness.

Since the body isn’t an exact carbon copy of a CTS-V, Rich Mathews explained why the bodies are built the way they are. “My brother and I have spent a lot of time and money developing this body. It is one of a kind. I would like to address a few reasons for the way the car was designed. After consulting with an engineer it was decided that the rounded rooftop design would produce less drag and more manageable downforce. The plug design was done on a CAD system. Left to right is exact. The plug was then milled on a five-axis machine. The bodies have a two-inch stagger built into them…no need for body work or moving wheel openings,” he said. As far as we can see, it’s definitely unique, and we hope to see a couple of these things populating the Pro Mod ranks soon.

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