We see plenty of full-out race cars in “street trim” around here. What we’d call “20-footers,” these machines look like a street car, but when observed more closely, reveal themselves as a hodgepodge of a fiberglass front clip, Lexan glass, gutted interiors, back-halved trunk and wheelwells, and eviscerated dash boards that resemble small airplane cabins rather than those of classic muscle cars. This Chevelle is none of those.

Paul Tadin’s ’67 Chevelle rides on the same suspension that the engineers at GM originally designed. Yup, stock suspension. Oh, and there’s no monster-sized meats rolling behind the driver. Nope, you’re looking at 9-inch slicks spinning inside of the factory wheelwells. And don’t expect to see a Ford 9-inch spinning those shoes either. Paul’s A-Body employs a Chevrolet 12-bolt churning 33-spline axles at a furious rate.

Weighing in at 3,600lbs, motivating this full-sized Chevelle takes quite a bit of grunt, found in the form of a CNS 565 cubic inch monster rat with 18-degree heads and backed with a bulletproof TH400. Obviously, snapping off 8.50’s takes some extra oomph, found in the form of a very no-bones-about-it nitrous system. Claimed as the “Fastest Stock-Suspension, 9-inch Tire Chevelle In The World,” Paul’s got some serious bragging rights with this machine.