Hump Day Holeshot: Mickey Thompson’s ’69 Mach 1 Funny Car

Oh, the sweet cackle of a massively lopey camshaft! It’s a siren’s song for us car nutjobs and this awesome vintage video has got it in spades. In fact, since this particular film footage is of Mickey Thompson’s wicked SOHC high-riser 427, it’s double the lopey-cam action! We were blown away (pun intended) by this nitromethane-burning flopper seen here at the AHRA Spring Nationals Bristol, Tennessee, in 1969. Welcoming over 51,000 fans to the picturesque valley drag strip, the Mickey Thompson ’69 Mustang Mach 1 Funny Car is pressing out an impressive 1500hp is put to good use, clicking off a personal record of 6.96 seconds at 207 mph with legendary wheelman, Danny Ongias.

1969 was a good year for the Mickey Thompson Mach 1 funny car, winning 90-percent of all the races they entered including 11 out of the 12 national events. Filmed at the AHRA Spring Nationals, Ongias drove the Thompson flop top to victory over Lenard Hulme, who, until the final, was seperated by .001 of a second! You gotta check out this awesome vintage video, it’ll blow your doors off.

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Kevin Shaw is a self-proclaimed "muscle car purist," preferring solid-lifter camshafts and mechanical double-pumpers over computer-controlled fuel injection and force-feeding power-adders. If you like dirt-under-your-fingernails tech and real street driven content, this is your guy.
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