Induction Performance Ready For 2JZ Racing At TX2K18

TX2K has grown over the past two decades into an event of gargantuan proportions that draws in street cars that all want to prove they are king. If you want to run at the top with the big boys of the street you better be more than just a keyboard racer–you need some serious power under the hood. Victor Alvarez and the team at Induction Performance are coming to TX2K18 with their infamous Copper Supra ready to show they have more than enough horsepower to rule the 2JZ class.

Alvarez makes no bones about the fact that when you come to TX2K18 you better be ready to back up all your talk in a hurry.

“It’s a great event because it brings those who like to bench race to the same place at the same time. This is the event where you have to put up or shut up, plain and simple. It’s a clash of the titans in the street car world for cars that are really fast. You either have an excuse, or you line up and race. We really hope to hurt some feelings and shut some people up with the Supra this year.”

Photo Credit: Killshot, Inc.

The weapon of choice for Alvarez and Induction Performance is their 1995 model year Supra that still uses the original 2JZ engine it came with from the factory. To make the seven-second power needed to compete at TX2K, Induction Performance has fully built the engine to take advantage of the 76mm Precision turbo and the small hit of nitrous they pump into it. Behind the engine is a TH400 and full Driveshaft Shop Ford nine-inch conversion that works with a set of Penske coilover shocks.

For Alvarez, coming to TX2K is a highlight of the year for himself and Induction Performance.

“For us it’s our biggest event and one we look forward to all year. There are cars from all over the United States there that we normally don’t get to see. It also brings all of our customers to one place and allows us to show off our work. You get to see all the fastest Supras and GTRs in one place along with tons of other really fast street cars, so it’s an experience you don’t get at any other event.”

Photo Credit: Killshot Inc.

The goal for Alvarez at TX2K18 is to come into the 2JZ class and make some solid passes after a year of changes to the car. Taking on a class full of the fastest Supras in the world is going to be a challenge, but Alvarez thinks the Copper Supra is ready.

“I think the biggest thing will be constancy to win the event. If we can get the car to run a string of 7.50s we will be in the mix to win it all. This car has always been very consistent and that is going to give us a big advantage. I have a lot of experience behind the wheel and that will help too,” Alvarez explains.

Photo Credit: Killshot Inc

Royal Purple Raceway is going to be ground zero for the fastest street cars in the world when TX2K18 kicks off March 14-18. You can see all the action live RIGHT HERE on SpeedVideo when TX2K18 roars to life! This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor WELD Racing along with Driven Racing Oil, Ferrea Racing Components, Texas Speed & Performance, Comp Cams, Flying A Motorsports, G-Force Performance Engineering, and Russell.

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