ANDRA Pro Series Top Doorslammer competitor Sean Mifsud is soon to ride into battle with a new (to him) race car that will have a tough act to follow after the attention his former ’41 Willys attracted from the Australian drag racing faithful.

“The Willys was the only one to ever win an ANDRA Pro Series round, a prestigious 16 car field at Willowbank Raceway against all the country had to offer,” said Mifsud.

“It was always a crowd favourite and a fun car to drive, always living up to the name and reputation of Wild Willy!”

Mifsud and veteran Pro Modified ace Mike Janis recently entered into a joint venture that will send Janis’ Andy McCoy Race Cars-built 1970 Plymouth Duster, formerly campaigned in ADRL Pro Extreme, to Australia, where Mifsud will campaign the JAN-CEN machine in the highly competitive Top Doorslammer arena. With the level of performance necessary to compete in the nation’s premier doorslmamer category, Mifsud made the tough call to park his aerodynamically deficient Willys in favor of the more sleek Duster.

The McCoy-built Duster features the latest in chassis technology and will be fitted with a JAN-CEN supercharged powerplant. Janis will be working closely with Mifsud and his crew to ensure they created ample horsepower from the engine combination.

Janis campaigned the trick new Duster for one season in the ADRL utilizing an experimental powerplant developed alongside the team at Alan Johnson Performance Engineering that derived its design from the monster 5.3-inch bore space nitrous engines being used by its nitrous-aided counterparts. Janis qualified at a number of races during the season, running bests in the low 3.70’s as he fine-tuned the new engine combination.

The Duster is scheduled to arrive in Australia in late February or early March, and the Mifsud team hopes to have the new chariot ready for testing shortly thereafter for ANDRA Pro Series competition.