Jesse Abele’s Mitsubishi 4G63-Powered Fox Body Mustang Build

jesse1 Often a subject of debate and sometimes rather heated at that, the popular Fox body platform has been home to a numerous variety of power plants, and not always are they Ford powered, much to the scowling of some Ford fans. But fast is fast, regardless of the package it comes delivered in, and that is the plan with this pony build. For those that enjoy something a little out of the norm, well, read on, as this isn’t a build one stumbles across on a daily basis.

From Pewee Valley, Kentucky, Jesse Abele is certainly not afraid to think outside the box with his Fox body. This Fox, coined with the nickname, The Mitsubishi Mustang, houses a 4G63 under the hood. Introduced to the U.S. in 1989, the 4G63 was a joint venture with Mitsubishi Motors and the Chrysler Corporation, or more commonly referred to as Diamond Star Motors.

Having raced a ‘92 Eagle Talon AWD for the last six years, Abele boasted personal bests in the DSM of 5.39 at 135 mph in the 1/8th and 8.45 at 160 mph in the 1/4. Due to the unreliability of the drivetrain however, Jesse decided to ditch it and go a different route while keeping with the 4G63.

Abele shares, “We would break transfer cases, transmissions, and rearends. That’s the main reason we picked the Fox body. We can mate our engine with a reliable Powerglide and an 8.8 and stick it in one of the best working stock suspension chassis in door car racing.” 

Some insights on the Mitsubishi 2.0L includes: GRP aluminum rods, Wiseco pistons, Kiggly Racing valve springs, stainless steel valves, and Kelford cams. The block, crank, and head will be stock. The 2.0L engine will be matched up with a Bradco torque converter and Powerglide, and an 8.8 rear braced by TRZ Motorsports. The car also features the very first Outlaw K-member Double AA Performance, which you can see displayed in the images prior to installation in the car.

The future of the Mitsubishi Mustang, which is nearing completion, has a tentative unveiling date of this summer. “We plan on racing True Street at Ohio Valley Dragway and also X275. In X275 we don’t plan on being frontrunners but we do want to show up and have some fun with one of the only import powered cars in the field.”

Abele was quick to thank the supporters and sponsors of his new venture, including Double AA Performance, TRZ Motorsports, Wiseco, Shearer Fabrication, Kiggly Racing, Heads Up Composite, Bradco Transmission, and Koby Fab.

To follow the future of this Fox body and it’s unique build, look to

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