Although it hasn’t been one of the most well-kept secrets that Justin “Big Chief” Shearer has had something new in the works to replace his beloved “Crow” Pontiac LeMans that was destroyed in a crash a couple of years back, the specific details and the timetable of his project have been. Well, today, Shearer took everyone by surprise when he and media partner Speed Society revealed the new “Crow”, a true steel-bodied Pontiac GTO that very much looks the part of its predecessor — and even has the drivers’ side door right off the destroyed original, thus sharing a little bit of the DNA of the machine that was such a big part of Shearers’ life.

Per Speed Society, the new “Crow” isn’t quite ready for the streets — and the Street Outlaws cameras — just yet, but this video gives a little glimpse of what Shearer has up his sleeve in the coming weeks and months.