Kayla Morton Doubles Up With Two Redemption No Prep Series Titles

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Kayla Morton has an established reputation as a tough competitor on the track in the class racing world, capable of winning any event she enters. In 2017, Kayla made the jump full-time to No Prep racing with her 2005 Mustang known as the “Hot Mess Express”, and she continued her success by winning the Outlaw Big Tire and Run What ‘Ya Brung (RWYB) titles in the Redemption No Prep racing series.

At the first Redemption event, Morton lost in the second round which put her in a hole for the points chase in Outlaw Big Tire. Drawing on her experience class racing, Morton was able to recover and start knocking out round wins the rest of the season. “We did really well the last few races, and the attendance points put us in the lead going into the finals. The Redemption series as a whole was awesome for me, and winning two titles overall in the series was an amazing experience,” Morton says.

Photo Credit: Legion of Speed

The RWYB title was the easier of the two for Morton to capture in 2017 since second place contender Birdman didn’t make it to Redemption 9.0, and she had had a comfortable lead over the rest of the field. Morton just needed to pilot the Hot Mess Express down the track on Friday night to lock up the first of her two titles, which she did with ease.

The path to the Outlaw Big Tire title was an entirely different story, though, and was a fight until the very end. After she received the bye in the first round, Morton was able to advance far enough to lock up the title in the class over some tough competition. “There are so many good and consistent drivers that attended all the races and that made it a battle. I feel like we’re one of the most consistent cars in the class, and that gave us an upper hand to get the win in the series as a whole,” Morton explains.

Photo Credit: Bearded Badass Brands

Being able to bring home both titles was a great accomplishment for Morton, but it had even more meaning to do it with her father by her side.

“My dad and I started racing when I was 16, and running in the Redemption series was the most fun we’ve had, for sure. To win two championships in the Redemption series, which in my opinion is the biggest No Prep series there is, means to the world to him. He can have the bragging rights now that he won two titles in the same year in this great series,” Morton says.

Photo Credit: Legion Of Speed

The finals were emotional for the team as they were the swan song for Morton’s legendary ProCharged Hot Mess Express Mustang. The team retired the car after the event for a new No Prep machine for 2018. “This car has been to hell and back with me driving it, but it makes it easier retiring her knowing she went out a winner,” Morton says.

Morton enjoyed her time racing with the Redemption No Prep Series in 2017 and is thankful to Shannon Morgan for providing a family-friendly series.

“I really want to thank Shannon so much for providing a series that my entire family can race in. It’s great that myself, Chris, and our son can all come out to race at Redemption races, and that’s huge for us to race as a family. Shannon does a wonderful job with the series and it makes racing with the Redemption family just outstanding.”

Photo Credit: Bearded Badass Brands

Kayla Morton earned the “Queen of No Prep” title for a reason: she is willing to put the time in with her team to win. If her success in 2017 is any indication of what the future holds, this queen’s reign will be a long one.

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