Kayla Morton Loses To Boosted, Later Hits Wall At Bounty Hunters II


There are some weekends at the track where everything that can go wrong, will, and Kayla Morton had that kind of weekend during the Bounty Hunters II No Prep event at San Antonio Raceway. Not only did she find herself on the losing end of the friendliest of grudge races against her significant other, Street Outlaws star Chris “BoostedGT” Hamilton, she also ended up tagging the wall during eliminations in her ProCharger-fed Mustang while racing in the Big Tire class.

The Bounty Hunters race down in San Antonio is a little bit different that other No Prep events because they don’t allow test passes before your class; instead, they require you to lock-in a grudge race to get time on the track. Since Morton is a seasoned racer and knows how important testing is, she decided to get a hit in on Friday by locking in a grudge race with Hamilton.

On paper, this didn’t even look like a fair race at all with Hamilton’s Mustang being a production car on a small tire versus Morton and her much lighter Big Tire car with a ton more power. But the No Prep surface is the equalizer, and when the light dropped Morton got the jump but had to pedal the car and that allowed Hamilton to motor right on by for the win.

When the rain-delayed eliminations continued on Sunday so did Morton’s string of bad luck. During the second round of Big Tire competition, she was able to score a better reaction time and looked to be on her way to a win when things went wrong. Her Mustang made a slight move to the right and then darted to the left on the slick track. Morton did a masterful job not over-driving the car and just keeping the damage to a flesh wound, but it did cost her the round win.

Check out all the footage from the National No Prep Racing Association of these two races.

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