Keeping Your Engine Balanced With Fluidampr Harmonic Balancers


Getting the correct harmonic balancer for your engine will keep the rotating assembly doing its job correctly and keep your engine from experiencing terrible vibration issues. To help racers get the right balancer for their specific engine Fluidampr offers a wide range of balancers for virtually any performance engine that has ever been produced. The various balancers that Fluidampr manufacturers will address any performance need for any engine, and have additional features to help the balancer last.

Fluidampr offers harmonic balances for your typical Chevrolet and Ford motors, but they also cover the unique Mopar, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile applications that have been upgraded. According to Fluidampr’s Brian Lebarron, having the correct harmonic balancer is important to any engine. “If you’re doing any type of motor work or adding performance parts that crank up the torque the motor makes you run a high risk of overworking the stock damper, causing the rubber to fail.  That’s why it’s important to use a SFI-certified damper like ours, because they’re unique in their design to hold up under those conditions.”


For big-block motors, Fluidampr has the ability to cut different keyways into the hub of the balancer if you’re using a blower. Some older engines are externally balanced, so Fluidampr has provisions for the counterweights used to balance the crank to be removable from their balancer, helping to make the machine work easier.

OEM dampers have the timing marks painted on the rubber of the balancer, so over time, the marks will move as the rubber stretches making it hard to get accurate timing. Fludampr actually engraves the timing marks into the balancer, and with their viscous harmonic balancer design, they don’t slip, providing the most accurate timing possible.

Make sure you check out Fluidampr’s website to see all the harmonic balancers they have available for just about any engine application out there today!

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