Larry Larson Wins No Prep Event On Kansas Speedway’s NASCAR Pit Road

Larry Larson has been on somewhat of a hot streak this year racing, going to nine final rounds and winning six of those contests. His latest win came at last weekend’s Operation Oulaw No Prep event held at the Kansas Speedway oval track. Larson had to use every ounce of his driving skill and tuning prowess to get his rowdy S-10 down pit road at this NASCAR track while taking on some tough No Prep racers and Street Outlaws stars.

Being able to race all over the world has given Larson the opportunity to visit some unique venues and take on a variety of different challenges, but the the Operation Outlaw event provides a whole new experience for racers like Larson at an unconventional venue, and hesays he thoroughly enjoyed racing at the NASCAR facility.

“This was definitely the coolest racing venue to hold a drag racing event that I have ever been to,” Larson commented.

Larson’s path to the Operation Outlaw title was far from easy — in the semi-final round he had to take on the screw-blown De Gudfar Impala driven by Todd Haug. According to Larson, getting down the track was a challenge when it came to power management.

“It became more of a challenge on how to get enough power out to make it down the track. In our semi-final race the truck took the tire off going into second gear and smoked the tires the rest of the race track,” Larson says.

In the footage from Urban Hillbilly Videos, you can see the S-10 just light the tires up and put on a drifting show as Larson tries to reel the truck in. Using every ounce of his experience he was able to keep the truck straight and his foot in the throttle to pick up the close win…but his day wasn’t getting any easier.

In the finale, Larson faced Street Outlaws television star Jerry “Monza” Johnston, but this time he had things figured out in the power management department. “We finally made a respectable run in the final against Monza to pick up the win,” Larson adds.

Check out this great GoPro footage from Jeff Stacy that shows Larson’s S-10 making a smooth pass and driving away from Monza to become the Operation Outlaw champion!

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