LMR’s 9 Second ZR1 Vette Hits the Dyno and the Strip

In our opinion, Late Model Racecraft is one of the biggest and fastest speed shops on the planet. They create many high horsepower cars that are very successful in the drag racing scene. The LMR crew has worked hard to be on top of their game at the LSX Shootout, and they have broken various records. These guys are among the front runners in the LSX shootout drag radial class.

Photo By Examiner.com

The LMR guys have done it again with this new Corvette ZR1. Not many people own a car like this, or even get to see one that often. Well leave it to LMR to get their hands on one, and start producing some big horsepower numbers.

They has created a new performance package for the ZR1 Corvette called the “Reaper” package. This kit will bump up the horsepower and torque levels by changing out the camshaft with a custom ground bump stick the features a large lift of .650. Also in the package are high flowing ported and polished heads complete with titanium intake valves and double valve springs with titanium retainers.

LMR claims to have the worlds fastest Corvette ZR1. With their added Reaper package the car dyno’d an amazing 752 rwhp and 787 rwtq at only 14 psi. This was all done with the stock supercharger and 93 octane fuel. The ZR1 can a best time at 9.93@140mph making it one of the quickest ZR1s to date. These numbers where achieved with the added boost, bigger cam and high flowing heads. For all you 2010 Camaro owners, LMR also has performance package for you. It’s also called the “Reaper”. It will add 175 hp to your late model Camaro that takes the overall horsepower level to 540hp. Look out for LMR in the near future to make an even bigger impact in drag racing and high performance modifying.

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