The new breed of torque converters in drag racing use exotic materials and NASA level engineering to extract every possible horsepower out of your engine and jam it to the track surface. To take advantage of these exciting new converters, Coan Engineering has released a kit for the TH400 transmission that allows you to use a lockup-style converter. These kits come with everything you need to add a lockup converter to your driveline and go fast at the track on race day.

The kit from Coan uses a stout 1-1/4-inch input shaft that has the O-ring seal moved forward significantly for the lockup outside the torque path, this helps make the shaft stronger overall. All of the seals for the lockup oil are now kept inside grooves in the pump stator to remove any stress risers on the input shaft itself.

Besides the forward drum and input shaft, the kit includes a pump and pump stator that’s fabricated from high-quality billet material. A heat-treated wear plate that protects the stator is incorporated with the kit as well. The new stator will use a steel shaft that has been heat-treated and uses an adjustable pressure regulator system. With that adjustable regulator system, Coan has also opened up the boost circuit to be used as the lockup circuit and allows the pump body to remain a standard unit. An auxiliary pump circuit is included that can be used as a pump valve for converter dumping in turbo applications.

Check out this video from Coan that talks about all the features of this kit, and head over to their website to get one for your transmission.