LQ9 Turbo ’98 Camaro Street Car Runs 9.36, Then Drives Home

“Street car” is quite possibly one of the most tossed around phrases when it comes to grassroots drag racing of any type. While many people have their own opinion of what a street car really is, a car that drives to the track and pounds out consecutive low 9-second runs and then drives home is quite possibly the purest example of a street car. It’s also interesting to hear many fairly attainable parts were used in this build such as a set of stock 6.0-liter truck exhaust manifolds.

For those who may be interested in building a similar setup the owner posted a detailed build thread on LS1Tech and his newest quarter mile achievements were posted on Yellowbullet.

Video of some other passes from the night can be seen below:

The best run out of the night from this turbo small block LQ9 was a 9.36 at 144 mph, directly followed up with a 9.76 with some launch issues. Impressive performance no less and drove the car home afterwards. The eventual goal for the car was to see some 8.9’s in the quarter and it is definitely getting closer. The owner plans to try out some 275 drag radials next time out to see if he can get it to work as well as the 325.

So what makes this combo do what it does? First up was a set of AFR 225cc cylinder heads, a Livernois Motorsports stage 2 camshaft (.595 lift) topped off with a FAST 90mm intake manifold. Providing all of the boost is a Precision PT-88mm turbo and the boost charge is kept cool by a Bellcore Air-to-Air intercooler. Wiseco “030” over pistons and a set of forged connecting rods were added for some extra insurance while the stock crank which is known to hold up fairly well is being used. A single 4” Mandrel bent exhaust with a 4” Magnaflow muffler keeps the car quiet enough to not wake the entire neighborhood.

This 1998 Z28 Camaro is one fine example of a street car and with some adjustments it’s almost certain this car will break into the 8’s. Not many people would expect that from a car that looks almost stock eh?

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