Lubrication Technology Explained in Driven Oil Video Series

Looking for some basic understanding of motor oil? Check out the YouTube video channel for Driven Racing Oil.

Lake Speed Jr. of Driven Oil is one of the more informative on-camera spokespersons in the automotive aftermarket, and he walks the viewers through many lubrication fundamentals in a series of 4-to-5-minute videos. Speed has a rapid-fire delivery that stimulates the pace, yet he often uses simple analogies to explain lubrication issues that can seem complicated at times.

Obviously, the videos have a marketing angle to them; they are designed to sell motor oil and promote the benefits of Driven’s wide-ranging lineup. But the videos also deconstruct certain trends within the oil industry that performance enthusiasts need to know about and need to understand. Issues such as the balance between zinc or ZDDP levels and detergents or synthetic versus mineral oil are discussed with supporting graphics to help the viewer gain insight quickly. Some of the videos may seem redundant, as these points are explained more than once throughout the series, but these are often the points that need to be emphasized.

A couple of the more notable videos are those that explain mPAO technology and why high-lift cams need better oil. Some enthusiasts don’t know about the high-stress environment inside an engine. These videos use real-world racing experience and other eye-opening examples to illustrate the need for specialized oils in certain situations and applications.

So, head over to Driven’s YouTube channel to learn more.

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