Lucas Oil Gears Up For a 1/8 Mile Drag Strip To Lake Havasu City

Who doesn’t love a little of every piece of the racing world? Be it all out straight-line performance on the drag strip, paved short track racing or even watching cars fly around corners sideways in the dirt, any gearhead can find something awesome within any of these events. Well, what if one wants to find all of these venues in one location? Mark your calenders for spring of 2011, when Lake Havasu City plans to be welcoming the addition of an 1/8 mile drag strip and off-road course to their existing paved oval speedway.

Read more about the track’s (so-far) successful efforts to bring drag racing to Lake Havasu directly from Havasu News and join the discussion regarding the track on Moparts.

While most track proposals usually receive heavy flak for reasons varying from noise, money, or locals that just don’t want it, for whatever reason that may be, but the Havasu City public showed their overwhelming support during a Parks & Recreation Department meeting in the city council chambers at the police facility. All that’s left now in the legal way of things is to bring the proposal in front of the City council, slated to take place sometime this month. In an effort to curb noise complaints, Havasu 95 Speedway owner Bill Rohzon says the track will be positioned in a way that channels the noise toward the lake as to not disturb locals.

Making things a little more feasible, is that Lucas Oil has already vowed to build the track at zero cost to the community, and hopes to have the gates opening on the finished product by February of 2011. It’s not the only drag strip in the Phoenix area, but it’ll certainly become the only facility of its type for miles and miles beyond Phoenix city limits. Follow the facility’s progress as the ball gets rolling even faster at their website,

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