MMR Blasts Into The Fives With A Twin-Turbo Coyote

At the Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mark Luton of MMR put his GenX Coyote-powered 2016 Mustang Pro Mod in the 5-second zone. (Photo Credit: Jason Reiss)

The Coyote records have fallen fast and furious of late, and at the Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada, the crew at Modular Motorsports Racing pushed Ford’s modern V8 into uncharted territory — the 5-second zone.

This was done on its first quarter-mile pass ever. — Mark Luton, MMR

What’s even more impressive is that driver and MMR main man Mark Luton, who usually races his Mustang in eighth-mile competition, didn’t even run it out the back door.

“Team MMR sets another major milestone today lowering the Ford quarter-mile record to a 5.84!” he said on social media. “This was done on its first quarter-mile pass ever, lifting at 1,100 feet! The MMR GenX Coyote engine continues to push the boundaries of the Ford DOHC engine and show that this engine will continue to change the face of Ford drag racing!”

You can see the MMR machine’s quickest run here…

That makes it one of the quickest Fords — not to mention the quickest Coyote-powered machine — on the planet. This is no basic Coyote however. It is a 351-cube version based on MMR’s GenX billet block, which is topped by a set of Ford’s Voodoo cylinder heads and feed over 50 pounds of boost from two Garrett turbochargers (see sidebar for more combo details). It produces over 3,000 horsepower, which obviously translates to quick e.t.’s at the drag strip.

Though he lifted about 220 feet before the finish line, Mark still ran an eye-watering 5.84 e.t. at a whopping 246.57 mph and it could go quicker before the weekend is over.

MMR 2016 Mustang Combo

• MMR Gen X billet block
• Bill Miller connecting rods
• Winberg crankshaft
• Shelby GT350 cylinder heads
• Custom Comp Cams
• MMR sheetmetal plenum
• Two 90mm Wilson Manifolds throttle bodies
• Two Garrett GTX4718 turbochargers
• Rossler TH400 automatic transmission
• Pro Torque EV1 torque converter

• Mark Williams 9-inch

“(I am) Really proud of my team, first quarter-mile pass and we reset the Ford-engine world record with a 5.84 on a lifting/partial pass,” Mark added. “Huge thank you to our sponsors and team that helps keep the wheels turning! Over the next few days we will run it the rest of the way down the track and see how much further we can lower this record!”

Since breaking into the fives, he ran another 5.84 at a faster 254 mph. Eventually Mark ran a blistering 5.80 at a whopping 256 mph. To see more of the SCSN, check out coverage of the race right here.

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