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MX235 founder Jordan Grunwald, in partnership with the Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, is set to throw the richest drag race in history for 8.5-inch tire slick and radial tire racers this fall with the MX235 East vs West presented by Chicago Industrial Equipment, paying $20,000 to the winner.

Going down the weekend of October 12-14 in conjunction with TRP’s Throwdown in T-Town, the East vs West event already has the attention of the smallest of the small-tire racers from both coasts and all locales in between, thanks to the unrivaled payday and the chance to earn the ultimate of bragging rights at what is, for all intents and purposes, the first truly national 8.5-inch tire contest.


Grunwald is expecting more than 45 cars in attendance, including many the of the MX235 frontrunners and, according to rumors, perhaps even a couple of the top-dogs in X275, who are contemplating trying out the little tires for a chance at the wad of cash. Among those already throwing their hat in the ring include Jason Collins, Corey Stephens, Brad Medlock, Justin Cyrnek, Haley James, Phil Reichardt, and Tim Hendricks.

A 32-car qualified show for the $20,000, Grunwald will also be hosting a second chance event for all of those who make the tow and miss the show, ensuring all get a chance to race and the fans get to see as many as 50 (or even more) 8.5/235 cars put ‘em in the beams.