The torque converter technology that’s driven racecars to record-setting passes on the track has started to trickle down to modern musclecars thanks to manufacturers like Neal Chance Racing Converters. With many of these cars capable of making over 700 horsepower and still being street-driven, Neal Chance decided to make their Pro Mod torque converter technology available for these cars. Now, you can get a great lockup-style converter for your street car that can handle huge power and still function like an OEM unit with the Neal Chance Street Performance Converter.

According to Marty Chance, that’s why they developed these new Street Performance Converters.

“These converters are designed from our experience on Pro Mods using CAD/CAM computer programs and built on five-axis CNC machines in-house and not just a core from the salvage yard and sold to you as high performance. This high-tech line of lock-up converters are not only designed for a desired flash stall, but also to be highly efficient before the lock-up clutch comes on.”

The street converters are filled with great features like a billet CNC-machined stator, 10 strut mechanical diodes, a billet lock-up system, and billet drive cover. Packing all of these items into the converter makes for a unit that can make any high-horsepower car behave better on the street. “This new converter is the best of both worlds; when you mash the gas it has a high flash stall that puts the motor in its power-band, and it can blow the tires off when you are just driving around at partial throttle. The converter feels like it has 100 percent efficiency even before the lock up clutch is applied,” Chance explains.

Currently, the Street Performance Converters are available for the 6L80, 4L60, and 4L80 transmissions, with plans for the Ford 4R70W transmission to get a version, as well. Make sure you check out the Neal Chance Racing Converters website to get all the information on this torque converter.