ATI Performance Products is a leader in marketing high performance transmissions and components from the casual enthusiast to the hardcore drag racer. Since they currently offer just about anything you may want for your transmission needs, it only made sense for them to release a titanium bolt kit for your project vehicle. They sent over the official release, and we have it for you below.

Official Release:

Lightweight Titanium Bolt Kits for ATI Dampers, Transmissions and Valve Bodies!

ATI Performance Products is proud to offer lightweight titanium bolt kits! The titanium bolts are made in the USA and replace the steel bolts found on popular ATI Super Dampers, Transmissions and Valvebodies. Kit 950200T includes 6 titanium 5/16 -18×1 countersunk bolts and 3 Titanium 3/8-16×1 bolts that fit most standard dampers. Kit 950220T comes with 6 titanium 5/16-18×1 countersunk bolts for the damper face.


  • Lightweight
  • Stronger than steeel
  • Comes with everything you need