Tracking, organizing and analyzing data is an important part of staying ahead of the game in your racing hobby or career. Now do it more easily with free Chassis Set-Up Sheet downloads from Intercomp Racing. These easy to use sheets not only help you track changes made to your race vehicle but also help you analyze results, making your race wins less of a guessing game.

Official Release:

Intercomp Offers Free Chassis Set-Up Sheets for Download

Minneapolis, MN – Intercomp is now offering Free Chassis Set-Up Sheets for online download, helping racers record, organize and analyze data. These set- up sheets help track changes made to your various setups for Weight, Springs/Shocks, Tires, Brakes, Engine, Front End Geometry and much more!

Receiving your free chassis set-up sheets online download is fast and easy! Simply log on to: and click on “Free Set-up Sheet Download”.


  • Download Set-Up Sheets for free
  • Help record, organize and analyze your race data
  • Track changes made for weight, tires, suspension, brakes, front end geometry, engine, etc
  • Online downloads make organizing your data quick and easy