Heatshield Products Introduces Carbon-Fiber Look Lava Shield Mat

New from Heatshield Products – the Lava Shield Mat with a race-inspired carbon-fiber look. This mat looks great and comes with superior heat-deflection capabilities. See more details below.

Official Release:

Deflect heat and protect components from heat, plus add a race-inspired carbon-fiber look by installing the Lava Shield Mat from Heatshield Products. The stylish, carbon-fiber look combined with superior heat-deflection capability make the Lava Shield Mat an excellent choice for thermal-barrier protection for firewalls, transmission tunnels, fuel tanks and much more. And its built-in adhesive backing will adhere to almost any clean surface.

Made from a specially formulated volcanic rock-based thermal-barrier material developed by Heatshield Products, the Lava Shield Mat can handle 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit of continuous heat and up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit of intermittent heat.

Available in thicknesses of .007 and .025 inch, the Lava Shield Mat is thin enough to fit in even the tightest of spaces. It’s also effective in applications with as little as less than 1 inch of airspace between the Lava Shield Mat and the heat source. The volcanic rock-based formulation makes the Lava Shield Mat chemical- and acid-resistant for withstanding the harshest automotive environments where thermal protection is needed.

Besides its superior capability as an ambient heat barrier, the Lava Shield Mat is designed with a carbon-fiber look. That means it is suitable for use in areas where appearances are just as important as functionality.


  • Capable of reducing up to 80 percent of radiant heat
  • Can be used on firewalls, hoods, body panels, floor boards
  • Installs easily, using an integral high-temperature adhesive backing
  • Can withstand 1,200 degrees F constant direct heat and 2,000 degrees F intermittent heat
  • Made in the USA

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