Holley New Gen 3 Ultra Dominator Main Body In 950 to 1475 CFM Sizes

Holley launches a new Gen 3 Ultra Dominator for racers, engineered and precision machined for today’s more powerful engines and newest fuels. The Gen 3 Ultra Dominator has an all new main body with all new calibrations 5/16″ taller for larger radius air entries. The new generation of the Dominator features high capacity fuel bowls, and is now available in a broader range of CFM sizes: 950, 1050, 1150, 1250, 1350, 1425 up to 1475.  The powerful Gen 3 Ultra Dominator comes in a tumbled finish or hard core gray with red or black metering blocks for a tight appearance, dyno and track tested for an optimal performance.

Official Release:

The original Dominator took carburetion to another level in 1969 when it was developed for NASCAR racing. It has been refined over the years, and is now receiving its biggest change ever.  Holley is proud to introduce the Gen 3 Ultra Dominator featuring an all new main body, all new calibrations, high capacity fuel bowls, and new larger sizes.  They come in a variety of new sizes from 950 CFM, 1350, 1425, all the way up to 1475 CFM.  They are also available in the standard 1050, 1150 & 1250 CFMs racers have come to expect. The main body is 5/16” taller than the previous generation which allows for larger radius air entries that have been optimized on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software.  Each Gen 3 Ultra Dominator received a new calibration optimized for today’s larger engines and newest fuels and were also dyno & track tested to ensure performance.

The venturii throat to throttle bore section is fully machined for predictable and repeatable performance and a new idle-bypass valve was incorporated to maintain proper throttle plate to transfer slot relationship on engines with radical camshafts.  Fuel enters the main body through a set of boosters with billet 12-hole inserts for superior atomization and crisp throttle response.  A new modified-skirt booster is used on the larger CFM models to maintain a strong fuel signal.  To keep up with today’s electronics, a throttle position sensor mount is featured on every main body and a sensor is available separately.  Integrated air scoop mounting bosses are also new to the Gen 3 main body.

The linkage is all external and tuning is easier than ever with threaded secondary links to adjust from 1:1 to soft progressive. Curb idle screws are knurled for quick adjustments without a screwdriver.  Holley’s popular HP fuel bowls are carried over to this line with -8 O-ring inlets, fuel level sight windows, 20% higher fuel capacity, drain plugs, internal baffling, and more. The Gen 3 Ultra Dominators are available in a tumble polished finish with Red or Black  metering blocks or hard anodized Hard Core Gray main body with Black™ metering blocks.


  • CNC machined for precision
  • 5/16″ increase in main body height for larger radius air entries
  • Available in expanded CFM sizes: 950 (new), 1050, 1150, 1250, 1350 (new), 1425 up to 1475 (new)
  • HP bowls include: 8 O-ring inlets, fuel level sight windows, drain plugs, and internal baffling for a 20% higher fuel capacity
  • Available in tumble polish finish with red or black metering blocks, or hard core gray with black metering blocks  
  • Dyno and track tested to ensure performance

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