Induction Solutions Releases New Spark Plug Cutting Tool

Induction Solutions Spark Plug Cutting ToolInduction Solutions has released its new Spark Plug Cutting Tool that fastens to the frame of a trailer,  acts as a vise, and can hold up to eight spark plugs making it easy to cut the threads off. Read those spark plugs much easier with the new Spark Plug Cutting Tool.

Official Release:

Induction Solutions continues to lead innovation in the nitrous industry! Our latest product release is the Spark Plug Cutting Tool. The Spark Plug Cutting Tool fastens to the frame of a trailer and acts as a vise, holding up to eight spark plugs while you cut the threads off with the hole saw bit provided. This makes it much easier to read your spark plugs when tuning your engine. Reading your spark plugs correctly can make or break any race program, whether your car is N/A, boosted, or a nitrous application.

The spark plug cutting tool is machined from billet aluminum and anodized red. It fastens to the trailer by two wing nuts and can then have a set of plugs threaded into the tool. Once the spark plugs are fastened into the tool you can then use the hole saw bit provided in your drill to cut the base of the threads. After the threads have been cut from the spark plug you can cleanly remove the porcelain from the surrounding threads allowing you to view all the way to the base easily.

This process only takes moments and can take some of the otherwise guess-work out of reading your plugs. No more fighting to get good lighting down to the base of the plug or having to use an otoscope, just cut and view. Reading your spark plugs is arguably one of the best ways to tune any car; you can learn such things as timing, AFRs, and problems such as detonation or excessive cylinder heat.

These are available immediately for purchase on our website and at the shop, which can be reached at 352-593-5900 to place any orders.


  • Fastens to the frame of a trailer and acts as a vise
  • Can hold up to eight spark plugs while you cut the threads with the hole saw provided
  • Makes it much easier to read spark plugs when tuning engine
  • Machined from billet aluminum and anodized red
  • Fastens to trailer by two wing nuts

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