Nitrous Express Releases Maximizer 5 Progressive Controller


New from Nitrous Express – the Maximizer 5 progressive nitrous controller. This controller can operate up to four separate stages of nitrous based on time, RPM, MPH, throttle percentage or boost pressure. See more details below.

Official Release:

The Maximizer 5 features many safety features that help you push your tune-up further while protecting your engine from damage.

The Maximizer 5 progressive nitrous controller operates up to four separate stages of nitrous based on either time, RPM, MPH, throttle percentage or boost pressure. Whether your engine is naturally aspirated or forced induction, gasoline or diesel, the Maximizer 5 is the first choice.

The Max 5 monitors throttle percentage, engine rpms, nitrous PSI, boost or pan vacuum as well as 3 other user defined sensors to ensure that your engine is in the correct state to accept nitrous. If the Max 5 detects any condition that is outside the safe range, the Max 5 will shut down or pull back nitrous flow to protect your engine from damage.

The Max 5 is normally setup and tuned via a simple to use windows based laptop program. An optional 4 inch touch screen display (part # 16008S) can be connected to view and adjust common tuning parameters on the fly without the need for a laptop.

The Max 5 automatically data logs all inputs (including 3 user defined inputs) so you can review important data for multiple previous runs. The Max 5 includes enough internal memory to store over 100 quarter mile runs before you need to save them to a laptop.

The Max 5 includes internal drivers for stage one and stage two that handle 70 amps each or 140 amps in single stage mode. Stages 3 and 4 require external drivers which are available separately.

The Max 5 has multiple progression options to cover a variety of racing types. These progression options are described below:

This option is a popular choice for drag racing applications where you always start from a dead stop. This option is very easy to fine tune so that you leave soft enough to eliminate wheel spin, and increases power as you go down track, the controller smoothly adds more nitrous as traction increases.


  • Operates up to four separate stages of nitrous
  • Automatically data logs all inputs
  • Enough internal memory to store over 100 quarter mile runs

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