PROFOX Launches New SFI 15 Certified Drag Race Suit

Safety isn’t something that can be taken for granted. Everybody who has ever strapped themselves behind the wheel of a race car knows this, and that’s why PROFOX carries a line of racing suits, including their latest lightweight Nomex suit that is SFI-15 certified. .

Official Release:

PROFOX Introduces Lightweight Nomex Race Suit with Certified SFI-15 Protection

As a leader in fire resistant race gear, PROFOX has always positioned safety and satisfaction at the top of their priorities. Living by the motto “He who races and walks away, lives to race another day” has inspired PROFOX to provide their customers with cutting-edge enhancements in safety, style and comfort. The latest addition to their product line is another shining example of this pursuit of perfection.

The PROFOX 15 Two Piece SFI 15 Race Suit was designed with the challenge of providing superior burn protection while offering maximum comfort and mobility. Made with 100% soft knit multi-layer Nomex fiber and bound with box quilt stitching, the PROFOX 15 actually exceeds the Thermal Protection Performance (TPP) required by the SFI Foundation for 3.2A/15 certification. 

The SFI Foundation is a nonprofit organization that issues performance standards for the majority of racing safety apparel used throughout the world. The TPP values on SFI race gear indicate the estimated amount of time a driver has until second degree burns develop in a gasoline fire situation. The minimum TPP for 3.2A/15 suits is 60, which is equivalent to 30 seconds of escape time. The PROFOX 15 suit features a TPP of 68, providing drivers with 34 seconds of escape time. This additional 4 seconds can make a big difference in “walking away” from a fiery crash.

Beyond safety, comfort is often the next important consideration for those exploring racing suit options. Here is another category where the PROFOX 15 shines. The soft Nomex fabric creases easily, allowing it to bend in all the right areas, and the expandable rear waistband delivers a customized fit.  The innovative 360 degree shoulder gussets provide racers with increased flexibility and airflow in the shoulder region, while the boot cut pants and concealed Nomex cuffs keep legs comfortably mobile.

Of course price is always a concern with racing gear, and many drivers don’t feel they can’t afford a racing suit with premium features like the PROFOX 15. But compared to the largest brands in the industry, PROFOX’s selection is surprisingly affordable, even for the weekend racer. PROFOX tirelessly manages their production and supply logistics to keep costs down for their customers. The result is a collection of Genuine SFI Certified Racing Suits at prices that are best-in-class.


  • SFI 3.2A/15
  • TPP of 68, providing drivers with 34 seconds of escape time in the event of fire.
  • Two Piece, multi-layer Nomex

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