Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 11R 190 Cylinder Head for Small Block Ford

Trick FlowTrick Flow releases all-new Twisted Wedge 11R 190 Cylinder Head for small block Fords. Constructed from premium certified materials and CNC machined for precision, Trick Flow’s new Twisted Wedge 11R Cylinder Heads are engineered with 11 degree intake and 13 degree exhaust valve angles for a stronger airflow and performance. 

Official Release:

Trick Flow’s legendary Twisted Wedge aluminum cylinder heads have been the choice for serious performance enthusiasts and racers for nearly twenty years. Trick Flow’s all-new Twisted Wedge 11R cylinder heads are the next evolution in small block Ford performance.

The Twisted Wedge 11R heads are a direct replacement for previous Twisted Wedge heads and work with all Twisted Wedge specific pistons. They retain all of the features that made the original Twisted Wedge heads superior—the exclusive valve layout and combustion chamber arrangement, high strength castings, exceptional cooling characteristics, and excellent airflow. Trick Flow engineers revised the valve angles to 11 degrees intake/13 degrees exhaust valve and restructured the combustion chamber arrangement for more airflow and performance potential. The high velocity, race-inspired runners are optimized for today’s popular bore and stroke combinations.

Premium certified materials and components and CNC machining ensure superior quality and durability, dimensional accuracy, and balanced flow from port-to-port. The fully machined castings are not only stronger, they have that cool “billet head” appearance.

The Twisted Wedge 11R 190 heads are available with either of Trick Flow’s CNC porting offerings: CNC Street Ported (runners and combustion chambers with a standard resolution surface finish for significant performance gains) and CNC Competition Ported (runners and chambers with a premium high resolution finish for ultimate performance).

The Twisted Wedge 11R 205 heads have CNC Competition Ported runners and chambers with a premium high resolution finish for ultimate performance.. All heads are available fully assembled or as bare castings.

• Intake Runner: 190cc CNC Street Ported, 190 and 205cc CNC Competition Ported
• Exhaust Runner: 66cc CNC Street and Competition Ported
• Combustion Chamber: 56cc (all heads), 61cc (170 only), 66cc (190 and 205)
• Intake Valve: Stainless steel, 2.02 inch (170), 2.055 inch (190), 2.080 inch (205)
• Exhaust Valve: Stainless steel, 1.600 inch
• Valve Springs: Track Max® Pacaloy™ 1.300 inch dual, good to .600 inch maximum valve lift
• Valve Locks and Retainers: 7 degree steel (titanium retainers available for 190 and 205 heads with CNC Competition Ported runners)

Airflow for Twisted Wedge 11R with 205cc CNC Competition Ported Runners
Lift Value      Intake Flow CFM    Exhaust Flow CFM
.100″ 71 60
.200″ 140 111  
.300″ 208 150
.400″ 261 185
.500″  298 212
.600″ 321 227
Tests conducted at 28″ of water (pressure). Bore size: 4.030″
66cc CNC-profiled combustion chambers; exhaust with 1 3/4″ pipe.

Dyno Results Twisted Wedge 11R with 205cc CNC Competition Ported Runners
• Peak Horsepower: 655 at 6,900 RPM
• Peak Torque: 576 lbs.-ft., at 5,400 RPM
Test Engine: 11.59:1 compression 427 c.i.d., Trick Flow Track Max® hydraulic roller camshaft
(TFS-51403005), 1.72 ratio roller rocker arms, Edelbrock Super Victor intake manifold, Hooker headers with 1 7/8″ primaries, 3″ dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers.


  • 190, 205, and 205cc heads fit small block Fords
  • Constructed from premium certified materials
  • CNC machined for accuracy and balanced flow from port-to-port
  • Revised valve angles include: 11 degrees intake/13 degrees exhaust
  • Heading available fully assembled, or as bare casting 

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