Racing a small tire car with enormous horsepower is controlled chaos with a gas pedal and things can get out of hand in the blink of an eye, even to the best drivers. Jason Lambert was making some test passes in his immaculate WS6 Trans Am when things took a turn for the worse at Atco Dragway in New Jersey. Thankfully, the only thing hurt in Lambert’s dust-up with the wall were a few body panels and his pocketbook.

Lambert’s Pontiac is a fairly formidable no time car that is rolling on a set of slicks and is rocking some big-block power under the hood. The car makes even more power via the two kits of Induction Solutions nitrous that are pumped into the engine when Lambert lets off the transbrake.

In this footage from TalonTSi97 Videos, we see Lambert making some test hits on what appears to be a chilly day at Atco trying to dial his Trans Am in. The first pass is on motor, and the Pontiac makes a clean hit right down Broadway the full length of the track. On the second pass, Lambert decides to turn the giggle juice on and see what the car will do, and that’s when things get ugly.

The Trans Am drove to the left ever so slightly and got out of the groove as the nitrous kicked in, a recipe for disaster for sure. The car made a big move to the right and back to the left as Lambert tried to save it, but the car wouldn’t respond and smacked the wall on the left side of the track. The damage doesn’t appear too bad and rumor is Lambert’s team has already begun repairs.