qm03While cars, engines and racing keeps evolving, so do the rules mandated by sanctioned racing bodies, such as NHRA. One rule that is new for 2014 in NHRA racing is that any car that has slip on header collectors must have a tether system for those collectors.

Anyone who has blazed down the 1320 trying to catch an opponent knows: seeing parts catapult off your opponents car is not a welcomed sight, and it can often cause serious damage to your own car, let alone send you into the wall if those parts cut a tire. At more than a hundred miles per hour, a part that separates from another car can quickly become your biggest fear.

qm04Many racers use slip-on header collectors to facilitate header removal, but the springs that connect the collectors can break or come apart from the heavy vibration under load. To help keep your car within regulations – and your collectors attached – Quarter-Max can provide you with either of two version of their collector tethers for your car.

As seen in the video above, you can get your tether with weld-on tabs for the header/collector side, or for those who are running ceramic coated headers, you can use their clamp-on style of tethers. Each set consists of all the parts needed to attach one pair of headers/collectors, and include two stainless steel cables.

The weld-on kit includes cables, tabs, and hardware, while the clamp-on style includes tethers and stainless steel clamps for whatever size primary tube is needed, and also for whatever size your collector is. The tethers are available in 11.5-inch, 15.5-inch or 19.5-inch lengths, and include the Quarter-Max tag to show that they are made by an NHRA approved manufacturer. Check out the RJ Racecars web site for more information, and to order your collector tethers from Quarter-Master.