Kenny Bernstein’s original Funny Car that started his 30-plus year tenure with Budweiser as a sponsor has been completely restored and is currently listed for sale on Racing Junk. This former Top Alcohol Funny Car was the mount that launched Kenny’s career and gave him his first win in 1979 along with several event wins in both IHRA and NHRA competition during its time.

Before the current owners bought the retired Funny Car from a gentleman in Montana in 2004, it had been in storage since 1982. With the new owners knowledge of drag racing and a lot of  research, the car underwent a complete and correct restoration that was completed in 2007, with documentation to go with it. Since that time, the car was displayed at SEMA in 2009, and used as a Cacklefest event car. This “Bud King” is not cheap, and neither is the fuel to run it, but with an asking price of $160,000 it certainly is a very important piece of drag racing history. If nothing else, it’s a good way to get your feet wet in the sport, doing some exhibition runs and nostalgia events. Or you could simply put it on display.