Colorado-based Pro Modified and no prep racer David Hildebrand endured one of the most devastating weekends a racer could ever imagine — the kind that can easily bring a racing career to an unfortunate close — with a pair of total-loss incidents in a single day; one believed to have precipitated the other.

Video credit: 1320Video

Hildebrand made the tow out to the Kansas International Dragway over the weekend for the tracks’ blowout No Prep Mayhem event with his “‘Da Boogeyman” Pro Mod-style, Big Tire Camaro. While racing against the “Honey Badger” Chevy II of Carl Scott, Hildebrand got loose near the top end, crossing the centerline in front of Scott and back over into his own lane, striking the guardrail at a high rate of speed. The steel guardrail folded like a sheet of paper from the impact, sending the car barrell-rolling into the field, ultimately coming to to rest upside down. Thankfully, Hildebrand climbed from the destroyed Camaro unharmed to survey the unbelievable amount of damage inflicted upon it in the melee.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of Hildebrand’s bad fortunes.


On the trip back home, with the mangled car in tow, a fire broke out in Hildebrand’s enclosed tag trailer, believed to have been caused by damage to the battery in the racecar during the accident. Reportedly, Hildebrand and his team pulled into a service station and attempted to fight the inferno to no avail, leaving the trailer, what remained on “Da Boogeyman”, and virtually his entire racing operation, sans the pickup truck, in ruins.

This certainly isn’t the kind of day you would wish upon your worst enemy, and our best wishes go out to Hildebrand and company as they begin the recovery from what has to feel like a bad nightmare.

Video credit: NXGonzoVideo

Lead photo credit: Dale Hastings